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Porcine Pili Shield® helps the sow build protective antibodies that she passes along in the colostrum to nursing piglets. These antibodies help prevent E. coli bacteria from attaching to the intestinal wall. Without attachment, the bacteria do not produce toxins. Most of the toxic E. coli strains isolated from swine are K88, K99, 987P or F41 – the four types that Porcine Pili Shield helps control.


Effective broad-spectrum pre-farrowing vaccine

  • Helps protect against leading bacterial causes of scours and intestinal illness
  • Bacterin that’s approved for pregnant sows and gilts
  • Vaccinate sows and gilts to provide effective protection to piglets without additional handling

Directions For Use

Administer 2 mL intramuscularly in sows and gilts 5 and 2 weeks prior to farrowing. Revaccinate prior to each subsequent farrowing.


Porcine Pili Shield is available in 10 dose (20 mL) and 50 dose (100 mL) bottles.

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