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AGITA® Fly Bait is the new standard for effective control of adult house flies. It’s a revolutionary adulticide that provides the control you need plus improved safety.


Fast and effective control

  • Dust-free granules are easy to handle and apply, allowing users to specifically target the surfaces where flies rest
  • AGITA’s fly bait formula contains a house fly sex attractant which encourages both male and female house flies to remain in the treated areas to feed on the bait
  • Once ingested, control is quick and effective. About 75% of flies will be found within one metre of the bait, and all flies will die within two metres.

Excellent safety profile

  • Low toxicity so it’s safe to humans, livestock, beneficial insects and environment when used according to the label directions
  • Contains BITREX®, a bitter substance that prevents animals and children from accidentally ingesting it
  • AGITA has no cross resistance to commercially available products making it an ideal rotational option for integrated pest management

Directions For Use

Scatter the ready-to-use bait evenly over areas where flies congregate, rest and feed such as windowsills and near animal pens. Keep bait out of reach of animals. Bait at a rate of 200 g per 100 m2 using a container or other device to avoid handling the bait.

AGITA can also be divided into hanging boxes or stationary trays that can be positioned in an area where flies gather. Ensure the boxes or trays are not accessible to children, pets, domestic animals or wildlife.


AGITA Fly Bait is available in 400 g and 1 kg plastic jars.


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