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Bovine Ecolizer® + C20 is approved for use in newborn calves as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by K99 piliated E. coli and Clostridium perfringens Type C.

Calf scours caused by E. coli is still one of the major causes of neonatal calf losses.

Newborn calves are protected against disease primarily through “passive immunity” where protective antibodies are passed from the dam to the nursing calf via colostrum. However, there are cases where this protection may not be enough.

Calves may need added scours protection in these situations:

  • Cow was not vaccinated with a calf scours vaccine
  • Scours vaccination program was incomplete or poorly timed
  • Calving difficulty
  • Twins
  • Poor mothering (heifers)
  • Calf is weak or has trouble nursing
  • Colostrum quantity or quality is poor
  • Unusually severe outbreak of scours in the herd
  • Complications of mud, wet and cold weather, or crowding


Strong scours protection

  • Bovine Ecolizer + C20 helps prevent calf scours by supplementing the antibody protection a newborn calf receives from its dam
  • An oral product that gives calves direct protection against E. coli bacteria by working within the calf’s intestine, the site of infection, to prevent these bacteria from attaching

No needles

  • Available in convenient single-dose syringes for simple and sanitary dosing
  • Provides newborn calves with immediate, dependable protection against scours caused by K99 piliated E. coli and C. perfringens Type C

Directions For Use

Administer entire contents of syringe orally to calves less than four hours after birth. Slowly syringe toward the back of the calf’s mouth. Colostrum should be fed to each calf.


Bovine Ecolizer + C20 is available in 12 x 20 mL single-dose syringes.

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