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Sentinel®(milbemycin oxime - lufenuron) Flavor Tabs®

First, Novartis brought you Program. The revolutionary medication that controls fleas with one monthly, mealtime dose. It soon became the number one selling companion animal product in Canada. Then we brought you Interceptor, a single compound, given once a month, that eliminated the risk of heartworm disease, and treated and controlled intestinal parasites like hookworm, whipworm and two types of roundworm.

In 1997, Novartis introduced Sentinel, the ONLY once a month mealtime tablet recommended for year-round use to prevent heartworm disease, treat intestinal parasites and prevent flea infestations by preventing fleas from being able to reproduce. When you use Sentinel you won't need regular applications of flea sprays, spot-ons or collars to control fleas. The easy to administer oral tablet, given with a full meal every month, lets you stay close to your dog all day, every day, all season long. And best of's GUARANTEED.

With each monthly dose, Sentinel adds the following value to pet owners:

  • Prevents heartworm
  • Prevents flea infestations
  • Treats & controls hookworm
  • Treats & controls whipworm
  • Treats & controls two types of roundworm
  • Eliminates the need for expensive home flea treatments
  • Eliminates topical applications that have an odour
  • Helps keep your dog "huggable" all year long
  • Guaranteed!!

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Active Ingredients

The active ingredient that controls fleas in Sentinel is lufenuron , a benzoylphenyl urea (BPU) derivative. BPU's have been tested since the 1970s for their activity on insects. All BPU's, including lufenuron, are classified as Insect Development Inhibitors (IDI's). Lufenuron is a component of both Sentinel and Program and is Guaranteed by Novartis Animal Health.

MADE IN CANADA , Lufenuron remains the only oral insect development inhibitor (IDI) available to control flea infestations, and is the highest selling flea control componant in the world. It has been available in Canada since 1994, and is currently marketed in over 30 countries worldwide. The greatest benefits of lufenuron are its efficacy and its safety. It remains 100% effective in preventing fleas from reproducing for over 30 days following a single mealtime dose, and lufenuron has no toxicity or metabolism in mammals, so there is no chance of it harming your pet!

The active ingredient in Sentinel for the prevention of heartworm disease and the control of intestinal parasites is milbemycin oxime . This single compound when administered monthly to your dog, prevents heartworm and treats and controls intestinal parasites such as whipworm, hookworm and two types of roundworm.

Milbemycin was first introduced in Canada in l990. Sentinel may be administered monthly to dogs to prevent heartworm disease and treat and control intestinal parasites. Sentinel is safe to give to puppies as young as 2 weeks of age, and over 1 kg in body weight. Milbemycin is a component of both Sentinel and Interceptor and is GUARANTEED by Novartis Animal Health.

Sentinel is the first combination product in the world for both fleas and heartworm, and Canada is the first country to launch this breakthrough product in parasite control. It combines the active ingredients of both Program and Interceptor. Please follow the links for both these products to find out more about each component.

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